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Former APD Detective Timothy Chavez Gets Away With Raping A 14-Year Old Girl
Former Albuquerque Police Department officer Timothy Chavez is guilty of raping a 14-year-old woman is trying to get his job back as an APD officer with the threat of a lawsuit if he is not reinstated and given full back pay. Why am I not surprised that this kind of person was able to get his job as an officer over millions of citizens in the first place? Strangely, not to many people in Albuquerque seem to care. Perhaps the city is used to such corruption, and don't want to risk making it any worse a crime than it already is considered to be by U.S. legal standards.

Interestingly a top 100 radio show host named Jim Villanuci referred to this girl as a woman in reverse by referring to 14-year-old transvestite male prostitutes as m[e]n and "dude"s.

Here's some old info this story:

A mistrial was declared Tuesday when a jury was unable to agree on whether former Albuquerque Police Department officer Timothy Chavez is guilty of raping a 14-year-old girl in 2005.

Story continued here.


Bottom of the Barrel

Albuquerque is becoming known for rising crime rates, insufficient APD manpower, and over specialization of the APD officers that are on the pay roll. The result has been increasing pressure by citizens, politicians and your ever lovable Eye to increase the number of sworn officers out there protecting us. The mayor's and APD's response has been to fudge the numbers and lower the standards.

You've probably heard about the rape allegations against officer David Maes (ABQ Journal - Subscription). We all remember the recent trial of fired APD Officer Timothy Chavez whose trial ended in a mistrial and Attorney General Gary King has since decided not to re-file the charges (ABQ Journal - Subscription). For the uninitiated, a mistrial means that the jury failed to reach agreement on the charges brought by the state and the defendant is free to go unless the DA decides to re-try the case.

A story that has not made the papers is the story of Officer Levi Chavez. Chavez is a lateral officer from the Los Lunas Police Department. According to our eyes officer Chavez's wife discovered that her husband was having an affair. Tragically, her response was to take her own life.

Normally we wouldn't be talking about a suicide. It's always a shame when someone takes their own life and we apologize for even bringing it up. However according to our Eyes, Mrs. Chavez's untimely death lead to an investigation and an authorized search of the Chavez residence; a search that uncovered a substantial amount of marijuana and the paraphernalia required to make use of the afore mentioned illegal substance.

Of course Officer Chavez denies knowing anything about the stash and you can guess who he threw under the bus.

Story continues here .

"We Did It For the Brotherhood": Albuquerque PD Comes to Terrorize Me Again at a "Brother's" Request

Today, at about 12:30 A.M., if my clocks were right, two police came to my door in swat like-uniforms came to my apartment to harass and intimidate me, at the head did, and big surprise the first words out of his mouth, besides saying my name, was, "Do you have any mental problems?' He got mad when I didn't say if I was or not right away.

Instead of being professional the guy was easily annoyed and anyways so then after being a brat about me not answering him right away he then says, "We heard you were talking about Cody, his wife, and his kids to people, Cody, the one you now as William."  He said Cody's last name but my dyscalculia makes it hard for me to remember names remember? It turns out that "William" isn't his name I found out, the burglary unity officer I said harassed me whom I told you about: it's Cody. And I'm not talking about skinny bald Rob.

So I curled my nose I suppose you could say, and was like, "What?" like what the hell are you talking about, and I said I hadn't, but then I said, "Well my friend", and he replied, "Well that's people," and then I said, "but that was a long time ago". And the he said something like, "Were you recording him on audio, do you have a tape recorder?" And I didn't say yes or no of course, and since I had suspected earlier that Cody would try and get the recording I made away from me illegally, being that he basically admitted to harassing me and looking into my private records. And he said that I was trying to "instigate" something with Cody and I said, "No I wasn't, I was right here," (meanig in front of my door). At some point I asked him if he heard my calls (I mainly meant about Cody, but that was just one call though), and he replied, "I've heard a lot of your calls," in this "Ugh yes and it was irritating and exhausting," tone. And at some point he said not to talk about him anymore, and, "You're finished with him," (I was done talking to him) which is what I kept trying to interrupt him to say, but which the idiot officer wouldn't let me squeeze in. I said at some point, "He was looking in my personal records," and when I said that he acted like he was about to walk away and stopped looking at me as if me saying that had freaked him out, and then he started babbling again.

He was mad that I was interrupting him at times during the argument (he was nearly yelling me down basically like I was a little kid), and then he said something like that I had gone into Cody's apartment without his permission, and I said that I didn't, and he said his wife told you to leave (a new lie), and I said she didn't, and the he said there were witnesses ($%#%#$L@#!! what a laugh) and I said, "Those were just kids," (and they were his family so duh they would easily be brainwashed into lying, especially since there dad is intimidating and got his wife to lie about me trespassing). And then the swat guy or whatever he was said something like, "Yeah you shouldn't have been talking to his kids!" or something about Cody's kids, I can't remember that part clearly because he was yelling (despite me throughout the argument telling him to keep his voice down since he was saying libelous things. etc.).

He said to go to the manager if I have a problem with him, and I told him why that manager was not reliable, I said she was evil and said why, like how she just believed anyone's claims against me and yet I was required to call security when I had a problem with someone. He offered me his card again, but I was so disgusted with him bashing me and not lowering his voice when I had asked him to repeatedly, and even though he knew he was being loud.

And more sickening is that when he came to my door at first I closed it to put a shirt on and said, Wait a minute," or something like that, and he pushed it back open a little (and that's the third time APD has trespassed against me) and said, "Where are you going?" or "What are you doing?". I just reaized the irony in how I was yelled down for trespassing and supposedly harassing when APD are the ones that did that to me, and who are known to do that to many people in the city (see: Contempt of Cop: (1) (2) (3) (4) .

So I saw one of my neighbors walk past during the argument and went outside to talk about what happened with him, and to find out if they left or were hanging around to spy on me, and he asked me what happened to and said there were TWELVE officers outside.

I'm really concerned, worried maybe, that like I said to you earlier, Cody might get someone to rob me to steal and destroy the evidence I have away from me. I'm going to contact the ACLU and FBI if I can now. I crashed into a depression about thirty minutes after that incident, mainly because the guy was loud, and as Cody even knew, yelling can mess up my ability to think straight (and anyone's), but because I was abused (my dad yelled at times at me very loudly.) I wonder if the guy who harassed me today knew that detail, and so deliberately was loud, like maybe to get me to freak out so they could say, "See, our instincts and judgment is right: he was mentally ill!"

Harassment from my apartment manager Rhonda and now from the police is messing up my ability to deliver on time the goods that were recently purchased off me. It's sickening how Satan picks the worst times to harass me.

I'm afraid my day will get worse, like I'll get more harassment from the police, or a fake break in from a paid-to-rob or fake burglar.

What a Surprise, The APD Employs Thieves
Asset Forfeiture: Albuquerque Police Broke Law with Seized Funds

A City of Albuquerque audit of the city police department's use of federal drug forfeiture money has found that the department violated state law and federal guidelines by using seized drug money to pay more than $32,000 in rent for a private armored car company. Under the state constitution, municipalities are barred from making donations to private corporations.

Albuquerque police helicopter
The action endangers the Albuquerque Police Department's access to federal drug money, the auditors warned in a report released April 28. "Ultimately they could lose (the funds), but that would not be the first step... they could get a warning," said Carmen L. Kavelman, city internal auditor. "If you misuse federal funds, you are always in danger of losing them. They are designated for specific purposes."

Last year, the department received $730,000 as its share of federal drug seizure funds under a law passed in 1984. The department typically uses the money for training, drug buy cash, cars, and computers. But when it used some of the money to pay rent for LL&D, Inc., an armored car company, the department not only violated state law but federal regulations, auditors said.

The unusual arrangement was just the department trying to make amends for some Keystone Cops behavior. LL&D was made homeless after police virtually destroyed its facility during a 19-hour SWAT team standoff with a burglary suspect in September. Police unleashed so much tear gas and explosives in their effort to snare the suspect that the business could no longer operate, so the police allowed LL&D to move into a building the department had leased using the federal forfeiture money.

This is just the latest blow to a department already reeling from an evidence room scandal in which drugs, weapons, and cash have been reported missing in dozens of cases. The state of the evidence room was so bad, local prosecutors said, they couldn't figure out whom to charge. That affair led to the resignation of the police chief last month.

New Police Chief Ray Schultz does not want to lose that federal drug money, a spokesman said. "Chief Schultz will be very diligent that all practices, policies and procedures follow the guidelines set forth by the federal, state and local government. He is going to be examining this audit in detail and he is going to ensure each and every concern has been addressed for complete compliance."

From http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle-old/385/albuquerque.shtml

That was in 2005, the year the APD first harassed me.

APD and the Police Oversight Commission Says "We're Too Dumb and Impatient To Listen"
After filing two complaints against William and the other officers (including Rob, who is by now an officer) to the Police Oversight Commision, I received shockingly rude and hateful responses:

"We have received your 11 page 6318 word complaint which was so prolix, rambling, and disconnected as to make any orderly investigation impossible. The complaint will be inactivated and no investigation of the comaplint will be conducted.

William W. Deaton
Independent Review Officer"

They aren't biased at all, not. How is it the stalkers below were able to understand what I said, despite my "disconnected, prolix, ranting" being impossible to understand? How is it they were unable to read or listen to what I reported on the phone? How is it they were unable to go across from my apartment to ask officer Rob, William, their wives, or the children what happened? How is it they were unable to talk to any of the officers that came to me that day? So they couldn't ask the sex-crimes dectective why he was pestering me loudly by slamming on my door on two different days, which "just happened to have happened" after officer William threatened to make false complaints against me?

So, because they didn't like that my complaint was large and detailed (wow there just is no such thing as a large and detailed complaint or anything in existance) they decided to ignore it.

And as for "prolix", what does the reader personally not wanting to know details that I included have to do with investigating the details that were clearly relevant? And if I was repeating Rob and William's prolix rambling and ranting, OF COURSE THERE WILL BE RAMBLING, DISCONNECTED PROLIX! I didn't have the advantage of a document of the situation to read like the moron Police Chief and William the Moron Denton, yet I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO REMEMBER THE EXACT RANTING OF ROB AND WILLIAM in addition to having backstabber jerk Kyle's disconnecting ranting, AND TO HAVE MADE IT CONNECTED so that it made sense to the moron chief and oversight idiot? So I, the "crazy" one, have to have greater skills then Mr. Judge Intelligence Officer William and Mr. High Poilice Chief of Enforcing Justice?

So it's okay for Rob, William and the other Wannabe Psychologist Officers to rant and be prolix, but not me huh? Sickening.

And so neither if those idiots weret able to skip over or ignore the information that they didn't personally find useful? If  the chief or Denton were referring for example to Kyle's speech, well it is relevant because Kyle is able to testify if my story is consistent or false, and if I was "rambling".

How outrageous and sickening, look at what I just discovered in a letter that came with Deaton's insult:

"The Internal Affairs Unit is in receipt of your complaint. Since there were no violations of the Standard Operating Procedures or any time of misconduct by the officer, the Independant Review Officer, William Deaton, agreed to inactivate your case.
Although your complaint is not being formally investigated, we do capture certain information from all complaints to assist us in our continuing effort to educate and train our employees.
Raymond D. Schultz
Chief of Police"
Why is Internal Affairs, THE POLICE DEPT. WHOM I'M COMPLAINING AGAINST, LET ALONE THE CHIEF OF POLICE WHO IS THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM, acting as a gateway to the INDEPENDANT REVIEW BOARD? FURTHER, I didn't just name one officer, I pointed out four that were either harassing or discriminating against me, and eluded to six others who had in the past been rude to me and who did violate the law by going into my apartment without my permission (which happened twice). Why, if they didn't understand my letter, are they claiming that there were no violations of any officer? If it wasn't understandable, then how can they make this claim? And the letter implies that Deaton just went with what the Police chief said! Sickening!

So Sad
The couple that was robbed just moved out, and no thanks to the managers of La Paloma and supposed 24-hour security. I hope they get saved.

Yet Another Hellish Day
I found Rob moving out today, I suspected he might be moving out because I hadn't seen him much for a few days, or his coward wife. I suspect he moved out because of a complaint I filed against him to the police dept, and evil Will, and three other "officers".  Officer William's wife, Kelly, pretending to look in her car for something it looked like with the real intention of talking to Robert, which she did, discussing him moving I guess. She agreed to take care of his dog while he moved out. What a weird woman. Her life is so pathetic I can tell that she is desperate for any kind of attention, except for that which angry-at-the-world William disapproves of. 

While he was moving out I heard him tell someone helping him move that I was crazy, and he pointed to my apartment. I confronted him about it while he was moving out, not the best time since he was carrying the heaviest of all objects at the time - felt bad and stupid about choosing that time but it seemed that that was his last item and that I might not have another chance to rebuke him. When I did, he messed up in his response yet again, having given an immoral one, and three other witnesses were there to hear him, who were helping him move, one at least was a family member, which I could tell by his face. I went back inside after and felt the most disgusted feeling for anyone I had ever felt. Now I understand why God apparently hated Judas more than anyone else, or why he was one of the most hated. Thanks to God though, Rob was hardly a close friend, and hardly as close to me as Judas was to Jesus.

After a hellish walk back from the library I came across one of my friendlier neighbors named Heather, definitely not a Christian. Then when I went back to my apartment, to my disgust Rob was about to walk past me while I was almost at the door. He was leaving his apartment while I was coming to mine, really awkward, and he gave me a meanish serious look, after I gave a look of disgust. Then, appallingly, and with a sad look he said, "God bless you," but refused to apologize when I repeatedly asked if he would. Some blessing. Later at night I found out my next door neighbors were celebrating some girls birthday, they were loud and obnoxious and cussing as usual, and they joked about rape in their deck; "who is going to get raped," asked one of them while laughing, the birthday girl I think.

An Atheist Defends Michael Jackson
Yesterday I chatted with an atheist on my messenger, who after I had said Michael Jackson was evil in some way, said it was the lowest thing I could do to speak ill of the dead. I repeatedly refuted her and showed her she was bashing her emotions on me after she claimed I was bashing the Bible and that all she was doing was insulting me. I asked her if it was good for her to speak ill of the leaving, me, but she just kept insulting. I asked her if she thought it was right for him to be holding the hand of a 12 yr old boy during an interview on television after having been accused of child molestation, and her stupid reply was, "I hold the hand of a lot of people" and ignoring the obvious point I was making. I asked her if she'd let him sleep in bed with her children, but she ignored the question and just kept insulting me, acting like I wasn't listening. She kept insisting that I had no proof that Michael was guilty of molesting anyone, but when I asked her repeatedly to define proof, she couldn't.

A little while later she then logged out after insulting me and then logged back in for a few seconds to say the male private part word, seemingly calling me that, and then logged out again quickly.

If only she knew that Michael was a Jehovah's Witness, and that he had said he was against the occult.

One of my neighbors got robbed, and I could have died trying to help
At La Paloma, one of my neighbors across from me got robbed in my hearing, and I saw the robbers taking her television and getting away with it. I thought the screaming and yelling coming from her was my stupid neighbors to the side of me who are loud sometimes or the ones across from me to the left of the girl that got robbed. If I hadn't thought it was them, being stupid, I would have gone out to see what was going on. That's a reason why you shouldn't be shouting outside for fun and pretending something's wrong when nothing is wrong.

If I hadn't been naked I had intended to go through my window to stop them, thanks to God I didn't, because as I found out from the girl while I was with her talking on the phone to the police, that they had a gun.

Stupid manager Rhonda came out trying to shoo me away, sickening, and while the girl was very distraught Rhonda laughed and joked behind her back with the tall goon who had slammed the eviction notice on my door. When the police came I went inside went out and gave my testimony, and then later came out again towards Rhonda who was with the secretary and a maintenance guy. Rhonda turned her head to look at me and when she did turned away with a disgusted "oh god get lost" look.

I hope she gets fired, she's an evil hypocrite.

The police though concerned, they didn't seem to be going off on a chase to find the two robbers. The robbers were stupid too, they actually or one did, went up to the secretary to ask where an apartment was. How stupid can you be???????

Ironically, I had been thinking the night before, or early in the morning, something like, "No one would rob any apartments here" because it would alert the other neighbors. But, as these criminals showed, most people are slow to react or don't want to get involved. And, once again, Kyle was proved wrong. I hope God wasn't teaching me a lesson by letting my neighbors get robbed, but it was clear he was repeating to me what I often say, "Don't assume" and "You don't know the future", and "'The heart is desperately wicked, who can know it?' (Jeremiah)." The other lesson, which I had ignored to try to play hero: "'Don't resist an evil man' (Yeshiah)".

Hypocritical, Noisy, Unfriendly Neighbors Can't Get Me Evicted
My neighbors, the at first friendly ones who've turned paranoid themselves and nutty have been having trouble last month and this month, one of the roomates lost it and screamed super loud over and over, I called the police for her when her roommates abandoned her outside and gave her something to rest on. Someone had beaten her up. A few days before that a couple having a party there got into a super loud argument, it was the girl yelling. I tried to calm them down, reminding them they weren't married but after going back inside that apartment the boyfriend stormed out again and this time kicked the rail on his way down I think, whatever he did it was super loud. And today they have been yelling "f__k you" and "achoooo" for hours. At one point one of the girls shouted that she wanted marijuana. They were yelling so loud that they could be heard from over a hundred feet away, yet stupid "officer" William and his stupid wife were at home as was Rob's wife, who was directly above them, yet none of them called security or the police, not the paranoid idiot women above me either called. I did notice that officer Will's wife after having gone to the trash been and strangely stayed there for about 8 minutes, when returning starred with a frightened look into my deck. Weird.

Then at about 9:36 P.M., what appears to be "officer" Rob now, came back and had the nerve to ask me, "How's it going?" I asked him if he'd heard what had been going on today, and he said no, and so I told him, and he replied, "I'll have to figure it out." Apparently he was too frightened to stick around me long enough to ask me what had happened. I bet he thought I'd done something to his wife when I said that. When he walked upstairs with his rifle, he said to him, "Still no apology" and he merely looked down at the steps it looked like, and he kept walking. That silence told me a lot.

Loving Children and Cowardly Adults
On Saturday I went out to use my laptop again. Some Native American children played nearby me, and after what seemed to be an hour, they eventually started following me around as I looked for some mushrooms for them and then came up to my laptop where I went back to, and a boy among them acted as if he were their voice. They were adorable, I noticed their parents and or relatives weren't acting paranoid either and left them alone now and then. Nice to know that not everyone is paranoid.

As I went back and forth between my apartment a few times I noticed my usually loud neighbors cussing as usual, and using very vulgar language. They did it from in their apartment with their window open like it often is, and at the pool where I also was. They have a harsh attitude and at the pool one of these obese neighbors, a woman, expressed her disgust for one of her guests it sounded like, something about him being a p**** for not asking for some beer boldly when it was in her apartment.

After I decided to come back in I saw pandering, cowardly Rob ahead of me, who was facing sideways to one section of the apartment, which was near the spot that I had been assaulted weeks earlier, by an idiot like him. When he started walking away I saw he was walking his little ugly dog, and then I realized he had seen me, which was why he had stood still and was facing sideways, and was then heading away. He left my sight briefly and disappeared, which was also unsual. He obviously was too ashamed to come near me. His usual dog-walking route was not to stop like he did, but to continue down past me around the pool and then back to his apartment. Some officer that man would make, a coward who can't humble himself and make a proper apology. If only he had seen the kids enjoying themselves around me. That reminds me, the boy started hitting on the keys on my laptop playfully for a few seconds - remember how the idiot assistant manager Rhonda said I should call the police if a kid did that? Maybe I should have called out to Rob for help. Something tells me Rob would have shyed away and even yelled, "You don't call the police on kids!" if he were "stuck" with me again with his ole' buddy Will yelling me down again and putting oh such terrible pressure on Rob to scream too.


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