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Loving Children and Cowardly Adults
On Saturday I went out to use my laptop again. Some Native American children played nearby me, and after what seemed to be an hour, they eventually started following me around as I looked for some mushrooms for them and then came up to my laptop where I went back to, and a boy among them acted as if he were their voice. They were adorable, I noticed their parents and or relatives weren't acting paranoid either and left them alone now and then. Nice to know that not everyone is paranoid.

As I went back and forth between my apartment a few times I noticed my usually loud neighbors cussing as usual, and using very vulgar language. They did it from in their apartment with their window open like it often is, and at the pool where I also was. They have a harsh attitude and at the pool one of these obese neighbors, a woman, expressed her disgust for one of her guests it sounded like, something about him being a p**** for not asking for some beer boldly when it was in her apartment.

After I decided to come back in I saw pandering, cowardly Rob ahead of me, who was facing sideways to one section of the apartment, which was near the spot that I had been assaulted weeks earlier, by an idiot like him. When he started walking away I saw he was walking his little ugly dog, and then I realized he had seen me, which was why he had stood still and was facing sideways, and was then heading away. He left my sight briefly and disappeared, which was also unsual. He obviously was too ashamed to come near me. His usual dog-walking route was not to stop like he did, but to continue down past me around the pool and then back to his apartment. Some officer that man would make, a coward who can't humble himself and make a proper apology. If only he had seen the kids enjoying themselves around me. That reminds me, the boy started hitting on the keys on my laptop playfully for a few seconds - remember how the idiot assistant manager Rhonda said I should call the police if a kid did that? Maybe I should have called out to Rob for help. Something tells me Rob would have shyed away and even yelled, "You don't call the police on kids!" if he were "stuck" with me again with his ole' buddy Will yelling me down again and putting oh such terrible pressure on Rob to scream too.


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