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Hypocritical, Noisy, Unfriendly Neighbors Can't Get Me Evicted
My neighbors, the at first friendly ones who've turned paranoid themselves and nutty have been having trouble last month and this month, one of the roomates lost it and screamed super loud over and over, I called the police for her when her roommates abandoned her outside and gave her something to rest on. Someone had beaten her up. A few days before that a couple having a party there got into a super loud argument, it was the girl yelling. I tried to calm them down, reminding them they weren't married but after going back inside that apartment the boyfriend stormed out again and this time kicked the rail on his way down I think, whatever he did it was super loud. And today they have been yelling "f__k you" and "achoooo" for hours. At one point one of the girls shouted that she wanted marijuana. They were yelling so loud that they could be heard from over a hundred feet away, yet stupid "officer" William and his stupid wife were at home as was Rob's wife, who was directly above them, yet none of them called security or the police, not the paranoid idiot women above me either called. I did notice that officer Will's wife after having gone to the trash been and strangely stayed there for about 8 minutes, when returning starred with a frightened look into my deck. Weird.

Then at about 9:36 P.M., what appears to be "officer" Rob now, came back and had the nerve to ask me, "How's it going?" I asked him if he'd heard what had been going on today, and he said no, and so I told him, and he replied, "I'll have to figure it out." Apparently he was too frightened to stick around me long enough to ask me what had happened. I bet he thought I'd done something to his wife when I said that. When he walked upstairs with his rifle, he said to him, "Still no apology" and he merely looked down at the steps it looked like, and he kept walking. That silence told me a lot.


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