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An Atheist Defends Michael Jackson
Yesterday I chatted with an atheist on my messenger, who after I had said Michael Jackson was evil in some way, said it was the lowest thing I could do to speak ill of the dead. I repeatedly refuted her and showed her she was bashing her emotions on me after she claimed I was bashing the Bible and that all she was doing was insulting me. I asked her if it was good for her to speak ill of the leaving, me, but she just kept insulting. I asked her if she thought it was right for him to be holding the hand of a 12 yr old boy during an interview on television after having been accused of child molestation, and her stupid reply was, "I hold the hand of a lot of people" and ignoring the obvious point I was making. I asked her if she'd let him sleep in bed with her children, but she ignored the question and just kept insulting me, acting like I wasn't listening. She kept insisting that I had no proof that Michael was guilty of molesting anyone, but when I asked her repeatedly to define proof, she couldn't.

A little while later she then logged out after insulting me and then logged back in for a few seconds to say the male private part word, seemingly calling me that, and then logged out again quickly.

If only she knew that Michael was a Jehovah's Witness, and that he had said he was against the occult.

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hmmmm, i should add jehovah's witnesses to the tags, thanks

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