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Yet Another Hellish Day
I found Rob moving out today, I suspected he might be moving out because I hadn't seen him much for a few days, or his coward wife. I suspect he moved out because of a complaint I filed against him to the police dept, and evil Will, and three other "officers".  Officer William's wife, Kelly, pretending to look in her car for something it looked like with the real intention of talking to Robert, which she did, discussing him moving I guess. She agreed to take care of his dog while he moved out. What a weird woman. Her life is so pathetic I can tell that she is desperate for any kind of attention, except for that which angry-at-the-world William disapproves of. 

While he was moving out I heard him tell someone helping him move that I was crazy, and he pointed to my apartment. I confronted him about it while he was moving out, not the best time since he was carrying the heaviest of all objects at the time - felt bad and stupid about choosing that time but it seemed that that was his last item and that I might not have another chance to rebuke him. When I did, he messed up in his response yet again, having given an immoral one, and three other witnesses were there to hear him, who were helping him move, one at least was a family member, which I could tell by his face. I went back inside after and felt the most disgusted feeling for anyone I had ever felt. Now I understand why God apparently hated Judas more than anyone else, or why he was one of the most hated. Thanks to God though, Rob was hardly a close friend, and hardly as close to me as Judas was to Jesus.

After a hellish walk back from the library I came across one of my friendlier neighbors named Heather, definitely not a Christian. Then when I went back to my apartment, to my disgust Rob was about to walk past me while I was almost at the door. He was leaving his apartment while I was coming to mine, really awkward, and he gave me a meanish serious look, after I gave a look of disgust. Then, appallingly, and with a sad look he said, "God bless you," but refused to apologize when I repeatedly asked if he would. Some blessing. Later at night I found out my next door neighbors were celebrating some girls birthday, they were loud and obnoxious and cussing as usual, and they joked about rape in their deck; "who is going to get raped," asked one of them while laughing, the birthday girl I think.


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