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APD and the Police Oversight Commission Says "We're Too Dumb and Impatient To Listen"
After filing two complaints against William and the other officers (including Rob, who is by now an officer) to the Police Oversight Commision, I received shockingly rude and hateful responses:

"We have received your 11 page 6318 word complaint which was so prolix, rambling, and disconnected as to make any orderly investigation impossible. The complaint will be inactivated and no investigation of the comaplint will be conducted.

William W. Deaton
Independent Review Officer"

They aren't biased at all, not. How is it the stalkers below were able to understand what I said, despite my "disconnected, prolix, ranting" being impossible to understand? How is it they were unable to read or listen to what I reported on the phone? How is it they were unable to go across from my apartment to ask officer Rob, William, their wives, or the children what happened? How is it they were unable to talk to any of the officers that came to me that day? So they couldn't ask the sex-crimes dectective why he was pestering me loudly by slamming on my door on two different days, which "just happened to have happened" after officer William threatened to make false complaints against me?

So, because they didn't like that my complaint was large and detailed (wow there just is no such thing as a large and detailed complaint or anything in existance) they decided to ignore it.

And as for "prolix", what does the reader personally not wanting to know details that I included have to do with investigating the details that were clearly relevant? And if I was repeating Rob and William's prolix rambling and ranting, OF COURSE THERE WILL BE RAMBLING, DISCONNECTED PROLIX! I didn't have the advantage of a document of the situation to read like the moron Police Chief and William the Moron Denton, yet I'M SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO REMEMBER THE EXACT RANTING OF ROB AND WILLIAM in addition to having backstabber jerk Kyle's disconnecting ranting, AND TO HAVE MADE IT CONNECTED so that it made sense to the moron chief and oversight idiot? So I, the "crazy" one, have to have greater skills then Mr. Judge Intelligence Officer William and Mr. High Poilice Chief of Enforcing Justice?

So it's okay for Rob, William and the other Wannabe Psychologist Officers to rant and be prolix, but not me huh? Sickening.

And so neither if those idiots weret able to skip over or ignore the information that they didn't personally find useful? If  the chief or Denton were referring for example to Kyle's speech, well it is relevant because Kyle is able to testify if my story is consistent or false, and if I was "rambling".

How outrageous and sickening, look at what I just discovered in a letter that came with Deaton's insult:

"The Internal Affairs Unit is in receipt of your complaint. Since there were no violations of the Standard Operating Procedures or any time of misconduct by the officer, the Independant Review Officer, William Deaton, agreed to inactivate your case.
Although your complaint is not being formally investigated, we do capture certain information from all complaints to assist us in our continuing effort to educate and train our employees.
Raymond D. Schultz
Chief of Police"
Why is Internal Affairs, THE POLICE DEPT. WHOM I'M COMPLAINING AGAINST, LET ALONE THE CHIEF OF POLICE WHO IS THE SOURCE OF THE PROBLEM, acting as a gateway to the INDEPENDANT REVIEW BOARD? FURTHER, I didn't just name one officer, I pointed out four that were either harassing or discriminating against me, and eluded to six others who had in the past been rude to me and who did violate the law by going into my apartment without my permission (which happened twice). Why, if they didn't understand my letter, are they claiming that there were no violations of any officer? If it wasn't understandable, then how can they make this claim? And the letter implies that Deaton just went with what the Police chief said! Sickening!


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