Violent Men of Albuquerque, NM Exposed

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"We Did It For the Brotherhood": Albuquerque PD Comes to Terrorize Me Again at a "Brother's" Request

Today, at about 12:30 A.M., if my clocks were right, two police came to my door in swat like-uniforms came to my apartment to harass and intimidate me, at the head did, and big surprise the first words out of his mouth, besides saying my name, was, "Do you have any mental problems?' He got mad when I didn't say if I was or not right away.

Instead of being professional the guy was easily annoyed and anyways so then after being a brat about me not answering him right away he then says, "We heard you were talking about Cody, his wife, and his kids to people, Cody, the one you now as William."  He said Cody's last name but my dyscalculia makes it hard for me to remember names remember? It turns out that "William" isn't his name I found out, the burglary unity officer I said harassed me whom I told you about: it's Cody. And I'm not talking about skinny bald Rob.

So I curled my nose I suppose you could say, and was like, "What?" like what the hell are you talking about, and I said I hadn't, but then I said, "Well my friend", and he replied, "Well that's people," and then I said, "but that was a long time ago". And the he said something like, "Were you recording him on audio, do you have a tape recorder?" And I didn't say yes or no of course, and since I had suspected earlier that Cody would try and get the recording I made away from me illegally, being that he basically admitted to harassing me and looking into my private records. And he said that I was trying to "instigate" something with Cody and I said, "No I wasn't, I was right here," (meanig in front of my door). At some point I asked him if he heard my calls (I mainly meant about Cody, but that was just one call though), and he replied, "I've heard a lot of your calls," in this "Ugh yes and it was irritating and exhausting," tone. And at some point he said not to talk about him anymore, and, "You're finished with him," (I was done talking to him) which is what I kept trying to interrupt him to say, but which the idiot officer wouldn't let me squeeze in. I said at some point, "He was looking in my personal records," and when I said that he acted like he was about to walk away and stopped looking at me as if me saying that had freaked him out, and then he started babbling again.

He was mad that I was interrupting him at times during the argument (he was nearly yelling me down basically like I was a little kid), and then he said something like that I had gone into Cody's apartment without his permission, and I said that I didn't, and he said his wife told you to leave (a new lie), and I said she didn't, and the he said there were witnesses ($%#%#$L@#!! what a laugh) and I said, "Those were just kids," (and they were his family so duh they would easily be brainwashed into lying, especially since there dad is intimidating and got his wife to lie about me trespassing). And then the swat guy or whatever he was said something like, "Yeah you shouldn't have been talking to his kids!" or something about Cody's kids, I can't remember that part clearly because he was yelling (despite me throughout the argument telling him to keep his voice down since he was saying libelous things. etc.).

He said to go to the manager if I have a problem with him, and I told him why that manager was not reliable, I said she was evil and said why, like how she just believed anyone's claims against me and yet I was required to call security when I had a problem with someone. He offered me his card again, but I was so disgusted with him bashing me and not lowering his voice when I had asked him to repeatedly, and even though he knew he was being loud.

And more sickening is that when he came to my door at first I closed it to put a shirt on and said, Wait a minute," or something like that, and he pushed it back open a little (and that's the third time APD has trespassed against me) and said, "Where are you going?" or "What are you doing?". I just reaized the irony in how I was yelled down for trespassing and supposedly harassing when APD are the ones that did that to me, and who are known to do that to many people in the city (see: Contempt of Cop: (1) (2) (3) (4) .

So I saw one of my neighbors walk past during the argument and went outside to talk about what happened with him, and to find out if they left or were hanging around to spy on me, and he asked me what happened to and said there were TWELVE officers outside.

I'm really concerned, worried maybe, that like I said to you earlier, Cody might get someone to rob me to steal and destroy the evidence I have away from me. I'm going to contact the ACLU and FBI if I can now. I crashed into a depression about thirty minutes after that incident, mainly because the guy was loud, and as Cody even knew, yelling can mess up my ability to think straight (and anyone's), but because I was abused (my dad yelled at times at me very loudly.) I wonder if the guy who harassed me today knew that detail, and so deliberately was loud, like maybe to get me to freak out so they could say, "See, our instincts and judgment is right: he was mentally ill!"

Harassment from my apartment manager Rhonda and now from the police is messing up my ability to deliver on time the goods that were recently purchased off me. It's sickening how Satan picks the worst times to harass me.

I'm afraid my day will get worse, like I'll get more harassment from the police, or a fake break in from a paid-to-rob or fake burglar.


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