Violent Men of Albuquerque, NM Exposed

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Former APD Detective Timothy Chavez Gets Away With Raping A 14-Year Old Girl
Former Albuquerque Police Department officer Timothy Chavez is guilty of raping a 14-year-old woman is trying to get his job back as an APD officer with the threat of a lawsuit if he is not reinstated and given full back pay. Why am I not surprised that this kind of person was able to get his job as an officer over millions of citizens in the first place? Strangely, not to many people in Albuquerque seem to care. Perhaps the city is used to such corruption, and don't want to risk making it any worse a crime than it already is considered to be by U.S. legal standards.

Interestingly a top 100 radio show host named Jim Villanuci referred to this girl as a woman in reverse by referring to 14-year-old transvestite male prostitutes as m[e]n and "dude"s.

Here's some old info this story:

A mistrial was declared Tuesday when a jury was unable to agree on whether former Albuquerque Police Department officer Timothy Chavez is guilty of raping a 14-year-old girl in 2005.

Story continued here.


Bottom of the Barrel

Albuquerque is becoming known for rising crime rates, insufficient APD manpower, and over specialization of the APD officers that are on the pay roll. The result has been increasing pressure by citizens, politicians and your ever lovable Eye to increase the number of sworn officers out there protecting us. The mayor's and APD's response has been to fudge the numbers and lower the standards.

You've probably heard about the rape allegations against officer David Maes (ABQ Journal - Subscription). We all remember the recent trial of fired APD Officer Timothy Chavez whose trial ended in a mistrial and Attorney General Gary King has since decided not to re-file the charges (ABQ Journal - Subscription). For the uninitiated, a mistrial means that the jury failed to reach agreement on the charges brought by the state and the defendant is free to go unless the DA decides to re-try the case.

A story that has not made the papers is the story of Officer Levi Chavez. Chavez is a lateral officer from the Los Lunas Police Department. According to our eyes officer Chavez's wife discovered that her husband was having an affair. Tragically, her response was to take her own life.

Normally we wouldn't be talking about a suicide. It's always a shame when someone takes their own life and we apologize for even bringing it up. However according to our Eyes, Mrs. Chavez's untimely death lead to an investigation and an authorized search of the Chavez residence; a search that uncovered a substantial amount of marijuana and the paraphernalia required to make use of the afore mentioned illegal substance.

Of course Officer Chavez denies knowing anything about the stash and you can guess who he threw under the bus.

Story continues here .


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