Violent Men of Albuquerque, NM Exposed

All-Knowing Christian Kyle Dead Wrong Over Violence At Our Apartments
A few days ago I got an eviction notice, not an enforceable type, but a request. I found at the same time I found out my oh so supposedly close friend Kyle, as he implied he was, was leaving and to a new house he had bought. I found out because when I went outside to get whatever had been left on my door, I saw Kyle with his friends moving his things out.

Weeks before that or a week and some days there had been a shooting nearby my apartment, and some police called it a homicide. It had had taken place on the apartment property. If you've read the first blog here you'd have read that Kyle said not even a stabbing would occur here.

When I first saw he was moving a few minutes after I slipped this comment in, "Did you hear about the shootings?" And he asked if I knew anything about it, and I said, "No", and then I said, "So much for no stabbings." He laughed it off.

had told him about the eviction letter and he acted like it was a joke and showed he wasn't surprised (how loving and friendly an attitude for a Christian right?).

One of his friends or family members stared at me rudely during this time.

While he was moving I told him that fluoride was dangerous and that he should get a filter for his house to filter it out.

A few minutes later when I waited for him to not be so busy so I could tell him where to find some info on fluoride dangers and to avoid BPA. First he made some dumb joke about how strong he looked after having moved a bunch of stuff . I didn't comment on his joke being that it was so silly, and I couldn't even smile because of that eviction notice. Right after that I gave him links to learn the truth about fluoride so he would know I wasn't making any false things up about it. A little while later he left, and I was left with my stomach churning over lies certain neighbors had told about me, their cowardice and unfriendliness, and that assistant manager's arbitrary attitude over what harassment was.

Wow, A Manger from this Apartment Rages For Nothing
After some guy posts a seven day notice of non compliance on my door and then slams hard on my door after leaving it I go to see what it is and it's supposedly for leaving notes after being "repeatedly" it says to not leave notes for anyone for any reason. Wow so I can't leave notes for anyone in the universe, amazing! It also says, "Again" I've been asked "numerous times" (oh yeah numerous sure) to leave my neighbors and residents of La Paloma alone. There is also a lie claiming that I was taking pictures of girls at a pool area while in their bathing suits, uh no, not true. Yet another lie.

This manager was clearly being nuts, she said, "People don't want to talk to you," and I replied, "Not everyone doesn't want to talk to me," and she replied, "Well I've had complaints from certain neighbors" or something exactly like that. Clearly this manager has an exaggeration problem.

She also claimed the notes I left seemed like harassment to whoever I left them for, and she told me the content didn't matter as long as they merely seemed like harassment. I tried to ask, "So if something merely seems like harassment that means it is?" But she wouldn't let me finish. I then said that the notes weren't harassment clearly if she'd read them, and she then said she wasn't talking about harassment, she then corrected herself and said, "Well, yes I was talking about harassment," but she then went on about how the contents of the letters didn't matter. She then wouldn't let me explain why I left the notes which mattered because the person I left them for showed she was willing to listen and showed friendliness. That matters because a different manager indicated that if I was on friendly terms with someone, that I may take their photograph which implies I may also do other things normal for people on friendly terms to do with each other (like leave notes).

Check out this full absurd statement on the letter, "Again, you have been asked numerous times to leave your neighbors and residents of La Paloma alone." Um: Who asked me to "leave everyone at this apartment complex alone"? No one. What a stupid manager. So much for having the right to pursue happiness.

March 31st, 2009 - An Evil Day In Albuquerque, NM
On March 31st, at about 5:30 P.M. An acquaintance named Daniel I. came over to my apartment to my surprise and I went outside to get my mail. He said, "I'm not mad," which now that I think about is interesting, as it would have been more appropriate for him to ask, "Are you still mad?"

While leaving going towards the parking lot, a woman whose name I think is Kelly, was getting into her car. She said hello to me, and I said hi back. She then asked me how I was doing. I replied, "bored" in a depressed way. I then asked her how she was doing, and she replied, "I lost my dog," and she held up her dogs collar and then said she was going to drive around to look for it. I then stopped and asked if she wanted me to help find it and she replied, "Yes."  I asked which direction the dog had gone in and she pointed behind me which is where a courtyard was. She said "Thank you" as I went there to look for it. I figured it had gone down to the sewer as I've seen other animals do so, looked around while going through the courtyard to get there. When I passed that courtyard I came near to one of the pools which was by a small playground. There was a scooter by the sidewalk on the grass, not by any apartment wall, and I thought I knew whose scooter it was. It belonged to a girl who had an apparently absent minded mom and paranoid-stalker dad, who has his daughters and even wife (or what seems to be his wife and daughters) go near to their apartment door or inside whenever I come near. I walked to their door with the scooter, knocked on their door, and waited for someone to show up by the kitchen window. The wife showed up and I held up the scooter and she saw it and nodded her head when she did, and someone said, "Who is it," and she replied calmly but loudly, "It's the Chinese boy." I then placed the scooter down gently next to another. I had hoped that this friendly act would get the stalker dad and his grey-haired dad, who always stare at me whenever I'm within their site, and I do mean stare, like nut balls, to stop that idiocy and the paranoid order to have his kids and wife run inside like crazy chickens when they see me. I didn't stick around because I didn't want the stupid dad to yell at me or provoke him by doing so, so I walked away and went to look for the dog in the sewer, and within about a minute I found it there about 100 feet away, sniffing something. I went in calling for it and slapping my thigh and walking and running towards it. When I reached it it played with me and seemed to be waiting for me to let it lick my face, and so I let it. It scratched my arm unknown to me, and left a wound on it. It then ran away and I chased after it and it then ran up the sewer into a large park by the apartment mailboxes and stopped to sniff a small tree. I was exhausted (I'm easily exhausted when running) and couldn't run anymore and so walked while while bowing now and then to catch my breath. There was a line of cars going into the apartment complex and one of the women looking at me from her car, in that line of cars, said to me, "Is everything ok? Do you need help?" I replied, "Yes, could you please put that dog in your car?" She replied, "You want me to put that dog in my car?" as if to be sure that that is what I had asked. I saw Kelly pull up in her car, and I went to try and pick up the dog, but it was too heavy and so I just petted it and held it hoping it would stay. Kelly came over and then talked to the dog and put it in the collar that I think she showed me. The woman who seemed to be offering help went away.

I had to lie on the grass to recoup, and she offered me water and a ride in her car back to my apartment and I replied, "No that's okay." A few seconds later I got up to walk back to my apartment and Kelly walked from behind me. I said to her, "You should have told me the dog's name, I can't believe it ran away when I played with it." Yes, I know the latter part of that comment was silly, but I suppose I was rushing to make small talk before she went away and me back into my apartment to spend the day like alone. She said she was sorry, and I then asked what he name was, and I think she said, "Kelly" (I'm not good with names) and I told her mine. I then remembered to get any mail I might have and so went towards the nearby mailboxes.

Later I went home to talk with Daniel to find out why he had come over and let him in. I heard a female talking with someone, and it sounded very close to my apartment, and I was curious who it was, so peeked out my deck window from the right side of it to see if I could see who was doing the talking. It was Kelly, and to my embarrassment she was looking at me, into my window. I moved away quickly because my hair was a mess and didn't want to seem like an oddball for peeking out. I put on my hat again after a minute of trying to find it and looked out the side of my deck again and to my astonishment she was still looking in from the side, and at me, but this time with a more curious look on her face. I thought, "Now she thinks I'm a weirdo."

I told Daniel how embarrassing that was and he looked to see what I was talking about and saw her looking in and I pulled him away so as not make me appear to be odd to her for looking out to see her again, with her thinking it was me looking at her for the third time, and not Daniel.

I then went outside to talk to Daniel on the gravel at the side of my deck and Kelly was still there talking with someone, but for some reason it didn't stick in my mind as to who it was. When whoever it was went away, I said to Kelly, "I hope you didn't see my messy hair when I peeked out my window, sorry about that." She replied with a cheerful look and voice, "No that's okay, I'm always peeking out my window." Then I continued to talk to Daniel, and comment on how his face had looked weathered from walking outside all the time, and that he should use moisturizer and stop walking out in the sun so much." He sarcastically replied, "Thanks a lot," and said he had been on vacation under the sun, which was why his skin might have appeared weathered. Kyle and Kristy, a wife and husand who lived across from me walked past me and Daniel and gave us a very friendly greeting (Daniel later claimed that Kristy was only looking at him very directly and not me, as if she were slighting me).

During this time I noticed the paranoid-stalker (who lives in the apartment that I returned the scooter at) with one of his daughters on her scooter walking with her. But the strange thing, but not untypical, was that he and she kept starring at me. They were in the courtyard nearby while doing this. I pointed them out to Daniel and said something like, "That guy is always starring at me." The stalker then went around a building and appeared to our right side in the parking lot with his daughter scooting by him, and he then continued to stare at us.

I said to Daniel, "See, he's still starring. He's a stalker. What kind of dad does that with his daughter?" The stalker and his daughter then went about a hundred feet in front of us and he went behind a stairway. It was like something out of a horror movie, as he with his big stock body with his arms to his side, was starring at me from behind a stairway, like some murder-minded goon. I pointed him out to Daniel. Eventually Daniel saw him behind the stairway. The stalker's daughter then came into view with her hair down, and he then went behind a building and she came with him. I remarked to Daniel that to that was child abuse to teach your daughter that kind of behavior, and he agreed.

I thought that he was heading to the office to report me, and so I had Daniel come with me to the office so that I could beat him to it, and to my disgust and annoyance I saw the stalker behind us trying to hide himself behind one of the buildings. Think about how sick this is: Besides the stalker stalking us, he's having his daughter tag along, rather than allowing her to simply be with the rest of her family to play. And this man, who acts like I'm a danger, has the foolishness to provoke me while his daughter is with him. Now if I'm such a threat, that the females in his family must run away when they see me, why is he having his little daughter tag along with him while he's on a stalking mission? What contradictory stupidity.

I told Daniel to look at him again and Daniel couldn't see him this time, and I insisted that he go see for himself that the stalker was still following me. Daniel then walked off in the direction of the stalker but then walked down the parking lot to my amazement and seemed to have disappeared. I was shocked he did that but went on to the office to report the stalker. While heading up the hill to the officer the stalker then kept shouting at me to get my attention, but I wouldn't even look back as I didn't want to talk to someone that stupid and apparently a violent person. When I reached the office my heart sunk as I saw it was closed and felt like I was about to get a beating. I then went to the gym where there were people exercising and didn't have the key to get in, so stayed by the door so I would have witnesses that he was harassing me. I noticed they looked at me and probably him as he came up to my side still calling for me loudly. I finally looked at him and saw he was with his paranoid dad (who would stare at me from far away like his son, even shaking his head once at me while doing so).

The stalker-son asked me why I knocked on his door at his apartment, and I said (with resentment and disgust) "Didn't your wife tell you why?" He replied, "No, she just told me you knocked on the door and then ran away." I replied, "I didn't run away." He then said, "Well what were you doing knocking on my door?" I then replied, "I was returning your daughter's scooter, I found it in the grass away from your apartment. Your wife saw me return it. I didn't run away, I walked away and was looking for a dog." He then repeated that she didn't say anything about it.

He then started ranting at me like a mad man and told me that someone said that I was seen sitting next to his window with my laptop. I denied it but suspected he was talking about a man who pulled up in his car one night while I was heading back to my apartment, and he saw me (but didn't remember right or didn't see correctly) that I had stopped for a second to look up at the number of an apartment, where a blonde-haired dad lived (above the stalker) who one day had come out to harass me about supposedly taking pictures of his daughter and "always talking to kids" (and this is a dad who is never outside with his kids as far as I know, since whenever I am out to use my laptop, he's never around whatever kids he's talking about). I was trying to get the number so I could file a report against him for harassing me, but unfortunately I knew that this man in the car that saw me might twist it into me trying to either look through the blonde dad's window, or the stalker's window. But so as not to appear to be anymore suspicious by walking away from him, I just walked by his car to my apartment and let him see my face. Keep in mind my laptop was on and open while hanging down, and how many peepers would go about with a torch in their hands so to speak? But as I would find out later, the man in the car was a stupid rumor-monger.

Back to the gym, where stalker-junior and his stalker-senior were harassing me (yes the dad got into it to), I eventually told them to leave me alone or I would call the police on them for harassment. As they went away, stalker-junior would let up about how he didn't want to catch me sitting next to his window again while I kept insisting it never happened in the first place. Stalker-junior then said, "If I catch you near my window again I'll take matters into my own hands and beat you up." I then repeated again to him I wasn't sitting next to his window, and why would I with my laptop for everyone to see. He then told me I was seen and there was a witness and asked if I wanted to meet him myself. I said yes hoping it wasn't the man in the truck who pulled up, but someone I've never seen, who was just making up a story, and took the chance that I could convince him that whoever this witness was, was a liar. So I went along with stalker-junior, his daughter, and stalker-senior while still being threatened with harm. I wanted to end the stalking which is why I took this chance.

While on the way I asked if it was a large man with wild-brown hair and with a big build like himself (which is what the man in the truck / the witness, looked like) and stalker-junior got confused, so I tried to ask more clearly somehow, and for some reason couldn't tell me.

When we reached the witnesses apartment, stalker-junior called him out and it was indeed the man from the truck, wild-haired and stocky like stalker-junior. He appeared to be disoriented and wanting to sleep. Stalker-junior asked the witness to tell his twisted tale, and in front of stalker-junior I told the witness what actually happened, and asked him why he said I was sitting when standing. The witness then, in front of a crowd that had formed around us, changed his story from sitting to, "standing for a while and looking into the kitchen window of stalker-junior." Keep in mind that that night he saw me, no one's lights were on, and the blinds were down, but this stupid witness was too stupid too take that into account, my point being, why would I stand to stare at closed blinds, or any peeper. I told the witness that I had been trying to get the apartment number above stalker-junior.

Stalker-junior, still in his insane rage, then rehashed me going to his door to knock, and I repeated why, and he said his scooters were already at the door (yes, he's a super moron), and thankfully his wife was outside, who said that she had seen me returning the scooter when I asked if she had. I then asked her why she didn't tell stalker-junior, and she got a wide-eyed fearful, guilty look on her face, not looking at me, but away in the distance. I looked at her a little more in my annoyance, trying not to look disgusted, so that stalker-junior wouldn't be provoked to beat me up for starring at his wife, or whoever she was.

The blonde-haired dad then came down, to my disgust, to throw his two cents in. Stalker junior asked why I wanted to get the number, and I said so I could report a man who lived there for harassing me (the blonde dad).

The blonde dad, I think, asked me something, not sure what, but I remember him saying casually, as he tied his shoes, "I don't know, but something weird is going on."

I shouted a little, "Can someone please admit that the scooter was lying in the grass?" And to my astonishment, a teen male, about 16, a rebel type (won't say how for now) shouted that it was indeed lying in the grass (away from the apartment of stalker-junior. I was amazed he came to my defense for three reasons 1) He seemed like a 'punk', the type that could care less about helping someoe in need 2) He was the apparent son of the blonde dad who harassed me. 3) I thought he might be one of the people who would have stolen a laptop I bought. Now that I think about it I think he did this not just because he was angry with authority, and seeing me being harassed by them, but to show me that he wasn't the one who took my laptop. I say tthat because I had asked him months ago if he knew what happened to it, and he said, "No" politely, and went on his way.

Then the evil got worse, the witness opened his bumbling mouth again and said, "I saw you in the bushes with your laptop", angry, I replied, "What bushes?" I think now that maybe he meant very late at night in the courtyard, the one by the pool far from his and stalker-junior's apartment, and not near anyone's window, but if that is the case, it's a stupid thing to bring up since he would have had to come around the large pool which is between me and stalker-junior's apartment, and his, and it's many surrounding bars (which are very hard to see through), to see me sitting there, near the middle of the courtyard. However, he didn't look there, but looked behind him in multiple directions, and gave no answer if I remember right, or said, "I don't know." Great witness eh? I said that that made it sound like I was a peeping tom. A few seconds later he said, "I heard some noises by my deck" (this is a guy who clearly deserves to be punched repeatedly) and I replied, "There's parties at night, I could hear one guy railing at a girl" and then an evil man from the crowd next to him, who had a short buzz cut, a white shirt and what looked like morning pajama shorts on came at me saying, "I don't want to hear anymore of your excuses," and I said to him, "I was invited here to reason," and he got right into my face, stood half an inch from me starring me down, and replied, "I don't care," and pushed me away. I then said to him, "I haven't even done anything to you," and he replied, "I don't care, get out of here." And I looked at up at him for a few seconds to let him no that I was no coward, and then turned and walked away.

Later I went to Kelly's house, though knowing her husband was some one with a hot-temper, and not friendly. But hoped he wasn't home so that I could go to her for a moment of protection while calling the police. I knocked on her door and thought I heard it being locked, but instead her daughter opened it and said to me, "Daddy?" Eeek. I then said, "No, is your mom around?" And she came to the door and I asked if I could use her phone to call the police. She invited me inside and pointed out where I could sit and gave me her phone to use and explained to me how to use it. I called and reported what had happened, and then she began to text her husband on another phone, and offered me water, but I never drank it. She then went to the bathroom and her daughter seemed to try to talk to me, but I decided not to given the pedophile-paranoia situation that was going on, and knowing that she knew, as I briefly explained what had just happened. I then said to her, "Sorry, I shouldn't be in here, your husband would be mad, if he knew about this," she replied, "It's okay, I'm texting him now, he's an officer." I replied, "Really? I wish he was here."

She then went into her bathroom, and was there for about 2 minutes, and I started to worry because I hadn't locked my apartment door and thought one of the angry villagers might ransack my place, but I didn't want to leave and then end up not meeting the police which I had called to her apartment. Her kids went to the TV area and but I wouldn't face them. It felt awful not being friendly to them, but didn't want to make things worse.

I decided to leave and let Kelly know that I was going to lock my door, and she got out at the same time as I got up and she didn't say anything as far as I can remember. I'm guessing now her husband told her not to talk to me and to get rid of me, but she probably didn't have the heart to do it. Regardless I went out, but saw stalker-junior with his daughter again looking for me, and he saw me next to Kelly's apartment, and I stayed there till he left. When I was sure he was gone I went to lock my door.

I didn't know it but Daniel, had observed stalker-junior and the crowd harassing me.

Finally an officer came, and I gave more story with a witness, because I didn't want the officer to do anything funny to me like sometimes happens when I'm alone with one, and after my story the witness left. Then the officer came with me to investigate who was the one that pushed me and other details, he and I saw the man who pushed me, but the officer didn't bother to chase him, nut just walked somewhat quickly. The man who pushed me ran away and the officer decided not to pursue him but only to look around a few feet from where we lost him and into someone's truck.

I had hoped he'd go down to the sewer but he didn't. He went to talk to the stalker but he and his family weren't home, but by the swimming pool by the office, as I had found out later while waiting around. But the officer did talk to the blonde man and his family, which lasted a long time. I waited and finally he came out and told me that their story was consistant. It made me angry because the way the officer put it he acted like he had gotten criminal information about me, yet if any, it would have had to have been made up, and no doubt by the dad, who lied to my face to me alone months ago about my own actions (which is insane), and his daughter, and his son who helped me, who I doubt would have said anything accept that he's seen me at the courtyard playing with kids (two girls came to the table to play around with me one day, Sophie and Savannah, months ago, and one girl's brother skated nearby interacting with us now and then, and being a Christian. The brother had a CB radio and kept in touch with his dad. I asked if his dad cared that I played with them and he said no.

Meanwhile there was a 5 yr old girl from a church I sometimes go to, who to my surprise recalled seeing me there, surprising because I'd never seen her before and have rarely been to that church. I didn't want to play with her as snot was coming off her face but didn't want to be a cold jerk, so when she asked for a piggy back ride I gave her one for about 6 seconds, and then went back to the table. Sophie went back to her apartment and repeatedly called me from a distance, trying to get me to play a game of catch or something. She was going to drop a cigarette butt and wanted me to watch, but I kept telling her not to because it might drop in someone else's deck. I tried to walk away gently without hurting her feelings, but she would repeatedly call me back loudly, and I stayed as I didn't want to be evil, and didn't want all the neighbors coming outside to see what the yelling was about.

I told her I had to go and finally she went back inside. Amazingly, Savannah was still in the playground, digging up the sand, in a thin dress and panties (everyone could see by the way she was sitting) and Sophie pointed it out earlier. Savannah went to brake off an icele and smashed it on the table as I was at the laptop, wasn't to happy about that and told her not to because of the germs that could get on her from the ice and table. She went back to the playground and tried to make small talk with her so that she wouldn't feel sad and alone, and meanwhile became angry that her dad had left her alone, and felt I should be paid for this and him punished for abandoning her. Savannah then came to the side of me and played with a stick if I remember right, while sitting down. I started asking her to go home so that she wouldn't get sick, and after repeating a few more times she suddenly stood up, starred straight ahead, and walked back without a word. It was very odd, not to make fun of her.

But now, back to the officer who had done his investigation. He acted like he wanted to just go, and told me he believed me but was exaggerating a little (about what?). I wanted to tell him the stalker had returned but he didn't want to do anymore checking to my disatisfaction.

He then left, and I went back to my apartment, worried about being evicted over lies. Daniel came back at about 9:30 that night, but he, not being the most comforting person, wasn't calming me down but making my anxiety worse. I told him I was going to go talk to Rob across from me, and told him to observe me in case anything bad happened. And he watched from a window by my door and saw the Hell that insued, but as usual, didn't care.

I decided to go to Rob because he had been friendly to me at first and, despite being paranoid apparently, was still okay with me. I should have known better though since he started to become unfriendly and kept up the paranoid act. When he was being friendly to me when I first moved in, he was very loud and was so I thought maybe he was retarded or mentally ill. Eventually we got to know each other, and he even came to my door one day worried that I had been hurt or something he said, and that he would have gone to the office to check on me. But now back to March 31st: In my worried state, I went upstairs to him, knocking on his door, and he came out and I asked if he would give me some Christian counseling, and listen to my story about what had happened today. He agreed and I stayed on the rail next to the steps as I told him, and during my story Kelly came upstairs. Her and Rob greeted and I told her I was sorry for coming in and didn't mean to scare her by knocking to come back in. She replied, "No that's okay, you never came back" as if she hadn't heard the last part of my reply. She was with one her sons and Rob talked to her son and tried to get him to laugh, and eventually Kelly and her son went inside. I continued with my story, but a few minutes later, William I think is his name, the officer and husband of Kelly, walked up the stairway with his usual angry look, and just before going on the level where me and Rob were at, said to me, "Do I come to your door buggin you?" I replied, "What?" He repeated, and I asked that I had only come for superglue (because he made it sound like this was some daily routine of mind, to "bug").

He then said, "You walked in when my kid opened the door without being invited." I told him the real story but he didn't care. He then threatened me with a charge of third degree burglary, began shouting personal details of my police record (nothing amazing or astonishing but stalker-talk and obsessed-talk none the less) and he replied to me, as if I were amazed, "Yeah, I know about you," and then continued the act with, "What did you get in trouble for today? Being a pedophile! Right?" with a rhetorical tone. I didn't reply because I was thinking how best to respond to his stupidity. Think about this: I had told his wife about the pedophile-paranoia, but William is acting like it's a big secret that he's covertly learned about through his special intelligence networking. He boasted about being in the burglary unite with the police, and I told him I didn't steal anything. He replied, "That doesn't matter, just being inside without permission is third degree burglary." I again told him I was invited, and he said he shouted that he'd believe his wife of ten years over me whom he didn't know (oh but yet he does know me everyone, he gave out "astonishing" details of my police record and told Rob (and who knows else who was listening) about the pedophile accusations) though Rob and Kelly already knew.

William then said that his wife had locked herself in her bathroom with the kids because she was scared of me, and I told him that that wasn't what happened (which I'm sure got her trouble with him later when they were alone, not that I wanted that).

I asked William his name so I could refer to him specifically during this conversation, and he replied, "You don't need to know my name." Later I found out that it was the law that he had to tell me because he was a police officer.

William then repeatedly told me to go back to my apartment, though I wasn't on his doorstep, and though Rob hadn't said anything. I looked at Rob - not on his doorstep either - and he looked at me wildly and shouted, "Just go! Just go back to your apartment. Leave!" I looked at him calmly and with an inquisitive look, and he made wild arm gestures. I asked him what was wrong with him (because Rob had claimed to be a saved Christian and that all his family had been blessed enough to be saved and raised Christian), and he shouted immediately at me, "You didn't f*ckn' tell me you walked into her apartment!" I replied, "She invited me in. Didn't you hear me apologize to her?" He replied (and lied I'm sure) "No." I was amazed, because I could tell he was lying as a sad look had come over his face. I said, to Rob, "She had invited me in" and Rob immediately replied, "That doesn't matter! She's a woman, you don't go walking into a woman's house! I told you I'd shoot you if you ever came into my house!" I had no response for such an astonishingly childish, dumb, and illogical statement (because Rob was saying it's wrong to go into a house with a woman, but then saying it's the same as going into anyone's house period, one has nothing to do with the other, and neither are wrong!) William then replied, "Go back to your apartment or I'll force you down myself, don't let me catch you on this side of the apartment again, don't come to this side of the apartment!" I looked at Rob again and he again shouted for me to leave and then said, "And stop leaving notes on people's door!" I went down a few steps, and William shouted about how he's heard complaints about me knocking on peoples' doors, and how the couple below him reported me to the office. I told him I'd never knocked on the doors below, pointing to the area of the doors he'd looked at. He said nothing.

I then looked at William, and asked him not to report me to the apartment office, as I had done nothing wrong. He told me that he'd call the mental police on me, and report me to the office with some story. I then went back to my apartment and stood by my deck, and William shouted loudly, "I work hard for my stuff!" and pointed to his apartment, and went on about it, but don't recall the details. I replied, "I could care less what's in your apartment." William looked like he believed me as far as I could tell.

I looked away and then up at them to see if they would go away now that I was by my apartment, but they starred at me. William said, "Go back inside." I forgot Daniel was by the window watching, and as a side note, forgot Rob's name after he flipped out, as it boggled my mind that he's have such a sudden personality change. William again told me to go back inside, and when I went out of his sight he said loudly, "That's not where your door is," and when I came back into William's view, and then left it again, he again repeated this threateningly and as if I were a little kid.

I then asked Rob what was wrong with him, and said, "You said you were saved." Rob replied with a grin while shaking his head, "You don't know me," and I replied, "You're not saved." Rob repeated himself. William replied, "Religion has nothing to do with this," and I got the impression that William and his wife were church-goers, I don't know why. I replied, "Yes it does. What happened to, 'Love your neighbor as yourself?'" Rob replied, "Go inside and read your Bible," which is the response of an atheist, not to mention a rude insult that an anti-Christian would make.

I told them, "I havn't done anything wrong to you, why are you acting like this?" Rob replied, "Like talking to my wife." Again a childish comment. A note about Rob's wife, I've only talked to her three times, and each time she's been friend. Once I said hi to her and she responded with a hi back, the third time asked if she had seen my laptop, when, and if anyone was around it when I was away (after it had been stolen). She said she had, but no one was around but her. After she told me that, not wanting to be rude, I asked her what her name was, and she replied, oddly, "I'm Rob's wife" and then left. I later saw her wearing her clothes sloppily a few days later, so that her butt was half exposed like some slut, and later wearing shorter than usual thin shorts, and thought how hypocrtical and unwise that was, and she walked around this way in public. I'm not saying that it wasn't her American right, but that it was unwise, and not the way a Christian should dress. I thought about telling Rob about it, but lost the desire to later, as I'd not seen her dress that scantily at other times, except in her usual spandex pants, which also is not wise, but is not unsual, though for Christians, it is.

A few days later I told Rob about my stolen laptop, and another Christian couple (the couple William said had reported me, Kyle and Kristy, who are anti-poor people Christians, which sadly is not an unusual attitude among Christians no thanks to "Tithe-for-more-money-now type preachers.). When I told Rob I'd told his wife about it, he was astonished and replied, "I'll have to ask her about this." After his sudden demonic change of attitude on me the night of that argument with William, I now understand why Rob said that (he's a control-freak, like William). The third time I talked to Rob's wife was when she was again walking her dog, and she replied, "Hi, how's your morning with a very cheerful voice?" I said it was fine, or something like that and asked her how her's was, and she said it was good. And a few days ago, Rob was walking their dog with her, and he greeted me, but I didn't look at them but said hi, and Rob asked how my morning was, and I said it was ok, and then turned to look at him and noticed he looked back at me with an worried, angry, and suspicious look, not friendly at all. His wife said nothing, and did not look at me, and I didn't look directly at her. Note, I'm not attracted to his wife, but think she's ugly, as I do all the wives around here.

Back to the Rob and William stare down: I then said to William, "That couple below you (Kyle and Kristy) isn't creeped out by me anymore, they know I'm not a threat to them." William shouted, "They shouldn't have been creeped out by you in the first place!" I also said that I hadn't knocked on the doors of the people he pointed to, and he replied, "I don't care about them, I don't care about these people down there, this has nothing to do with them." So why did William bring them up, and why did Pandering Cowardly Rob shout for me not to leave notes on anyone's door? Oops? Could someone's have mental problems?

I then asked William if Kelly had told him that I had helped return his dog, and his incredible reply was, "I don't care about that dog, if that dog didn't return it wouldn't bother me one bit, I didn't want it back." I replied, "You guys are acting childish." They didn't reply.

I said to William, "I think your job is stressing you out." To which he had no reply. I then said, I saw how he talks to his kid, and he said, "What?" And I said, "I saw how you yelled at him when he called to you." He had some reply which I can't remember. I then asked something about his wife, like "If she's so weak-willed..." but don't remember the rest, but William didn't hear me so I repeated, but don't remember the rest of my question at this time. He said something like, "I'll deal with her, don't worry about it. "I replied, "What, are you going to beat her?" He looked at me with wide eyes, fearfully, and said, "No" as if he were about to get in trouble.

They kept up the starring act, and I asked Rob that if it were wrong to go knock on someone's door (including those of strangers) then why was he being friendly to me (usually, in the past), and why did he come to my door to check on me. He said he hadn't. And I replied, "So you never came to my door to check on me." He replied, "Nope" in a childish voice and turning his head. I told him I should call the Academy on him, and he gleefully shouted, "Go ahead! I'll even give you their number!"

He had a cracked smile on his face, and looked like he was going to cry. I then said to him, "So a liar is going to be a police officer over me? (Rob is training at the Albuquerque Police Academy to be an officer." Neither of them replied.

I decided to go back into my apartment, and then saw Daniel by the window on my computer, to my annoyance. I asked him why he wasn't watching like I asked him to and he said he was, and laughed a bit. I replied, "No you weren't, he replied emphatically that he was but wanted to do something else for a moment. I then said to him, "Why are you laughing didn't you hear them threatening me?" "Yeah," he said, with no apparent concern in his voice. That was Daniel.

I asked if he'd be a witness to this but he kept "stuh"ing about it and groaning when I asked. He didn't think it was a big deal and that I wouldn't be evicted over it, but I insisted it was. He told me he didn't want to get involved, but I insisted he be a friend. "So you heard them threatening me?" I asked him, "Yeah," he said, doing stuff on my laptop.

I decided to call the police about it as I was afraid to leave my apartment, and Rob and William were still out chatting away, and strangely, William was outside holding his daughter, strange because if I were such a big danger, why would you take your daughter out, especially after having strongly provoked that dangerous person?" Like I told paranoid Kyle and Kristy, "If you're so concerned about me and just being cautious, don't (do things that endanger you)." The operator told me that William had indeed broken the law, and offered to let me know his name, I was suprised she offered, but told her no, "What would I do with it, parade it to the officer (William) so he would think I was a stalker?" or something almost exactly like that.

I went outside and waited in the parking lot for Kyle to return, as I had hoped he be a witness while I told my story to the police, he came a while later, and he came back to talk with me like I asked. He agreed to listen to me but cut me short when I tried to tell him about William and Rob's threats, but he insisted I stop repeatedly so he could tell me what to do. And it was basically, and nearly exactly this:

"Okay, I'll give you my advice, take it or leave it, you'll probably leave it. I'm a logical person, I'm a successful businessman, I've gotten business deals passed (so listen to me). You think everyone is against you, that everyone is conspiring against you." I then cut in and said "People are conspiring against me," which was true but then I took it back because I thought Kyle might think I meant the whole world, and though I meant certain people, Kyle was in a touchy mood and didn't want me to interrupt and said that if I did he'd leave. He continued, "Clean up your place, it's a mess (isn't Kyle just so compassionate?), get furniture from the dumpsters, be creative (done that Kyle, and doubt you could have made the makeshift table I came up, despite you being an engineer, and if you don't want me to look like a dumb, might not wanna tell me to go looking around inside the dumpsters around here).

Kyle went on to say, "Don't loiter, when you sit with your laptop sit in the pavillion, hang out at Starbuck's." I replied that I didn't do that as I didn't want to be banned from there (for loitering and because I looked homeless to many people). He replied, "Go buy a coffee. don't tuck your hair behind your ears. Don't cut your own hair unless it's to give yourself a buzz cut. Take a shower everyday, you have b.o. (you smell) (Kyle apparently forgot that I had chased Kelly's dog that day, despite me telling him just then). When you talk with people keep it short, take it slow. Don't reply with, "I'm bored" (he said in insulting way, referring to my reply to Kelly which I told him I said).  I know bums: Bums ask for change (uh so should I ask you for big money Kyle?), they hang around in sewers, they smell, they're dirty, they don't work. You're up all night; sleep regular hours. Go to McDonald's and get a job." Kyle didn't want me to cut him off and threatened to leave if I replied, but he was bludgeoning me I told him and making assumptions about me and he insisted he wasn't assuming. I showed him my high-arches problem and reminded him about my dyscalculia, and that I did try to get a job at McDonald's and they wouldn't hire me. He replied with astonishment, "Of course, why do you think they won't hire you?" I told him it was because I told them I had memory problems. And he replied, "And that's why they won't hire you." Which is nonsensical. But then he said, "I know people with down syndrome (and they have jobs). I told him again about the dyscalculia and that if I try to help myself it wouldn't work, and he replied as if I were stupid, "Don't do it yourself, get your manager to do it," which was a good response I admit, though didn't have to be belittling about it. That wasn't the solution however, as Kyle, having a bad habit with assuming, didn't know that I don't have a personal helper all the time and can't afford one, and that I lose things often, that includes cellphones and watches, and notes, am easily exhausted, and that my short term memory doesn't work well, and that such memories only later sink in. So, a manager to say, call me back from lunch break, or at home to go to work, isn't a perfect solution, and still leaves me open to being fired for missing work. So I told him I was afraid of being fired. A look of compassion came on his face. I insisted I wasn't crazy, and he replied, or said during that conversation, "I talked to an old lady, she said it was stupid of you to leave your laptop alone, and that only a moron would do that and that you deserved to have it stolen," in a scolding manner. I told him that I knew that was stupid of me, and had said that to the officer I reported it to (many times). Kyle didn't know it but he was endorsing the, "If a girl is dressed sexily she deserves to be raped" reasoning, in his, "It's your fault you got victimized." He also said, "Everyone around here thinks your crazy, you're on the crazy list of the police, that's what they told me. You knock on people's doors, you hang around in weird places." I couldn't help but interrupt his false his false comments and bad, "Believe the majority always" reasoning, and reminded him that these were the last days, and that these times would be bad. He didn't reply.

The police showed up then but didn't know where I was yet, and I didn't want Kyle to leave thinking I was crazy.

Kyle also advised at that time I go to some place to hang out, I said I didn't know where it was, and he was astonished. I had shown him my feet at that time as proof that I had problems walking, and that my bike tires were flat, and hadn't come to him about it because I feared he'd report me for it. I asked him if he believed me, and he replied, "I believe 50% of what you're saying." I told Kyle not to leave but to be a witness as the police headed for me, and told him I was afraid, which is ironic since I've rebuked him and Kristy for being afraid of me. He replied, "You should be," as he watched them coming. To summarize Kyle's advice, "Forget this Jesus guy, forget that I once asked you to do a Bible study with me, and forget that I go do Bible studies with my friends for show, to stay buddy buddy with the rich, be like me, the rich guy who rides his cruddy bicycle nearly all the time, and who's wife drives around in a dumpy van that can be towed away for unsightliness were someone to report it as an eyesore." No thanks Kyle, I'll stick with Jesus who was poorer than a bum, and was executed by people with a narcissistic mindset like yourself. And you're wrong, I won't probably leave your advice, it's already been taken away in the trash.

A bald officer, who did all the talking, 100% to me, asked why I didn't flag them down, I said it was because I had to talk to Kyle. The officer suggested Kyle leave and that he'd talk to him later (grrrr!) and Kyle took the suggestion immediately. Thanks Kyle.

It was freezing, hadn't had any water since stalker-junior's harassment, and after having met impatient pissy officers time after time, and Kyle forcing me to hurry up with my story for the day to him, and so on, I talked a little fast to the bald officer. I told him how the operator said it was a good idea to call them. The bald officer said he'd was good at gauging these situations, and did the "are you crazy routine" to my resentment. He asked if I would like help with my racing thoughts, grrr, but I told him I was talking fast for the reason I just gave. He still continued with the "you're crazy act" and asked me my mental-health history, and if he'd let me take me to a mental person. I told him the operator said that no such people were up at this time, and the officer replied, "She did?" I asked if it would take long, and he replied that he didn't know. And he kept focusing on this for a while. Very suspicious. I asked if he'd talk to Rob and William and he said that they hadn't called them so that it wasn't important. He then said, "So do you want to do it?" I replied, "What, to talk to internal affairs?" He replied, "No." The bald officer also tried to discourage me from calling them out again to the apartment because he has to file a report with the apartment office to let them know that I called, and that I would be in it. I told him however I did this because it would look bad if someone else called on me first. He then tried to get me to say that I was satisfied with the former officer's handling of the situation that day and his, and I half-heartedly agreed as I wanted him to get out of my face for what I felt was harassment and a "whatever guy, we protect your own" session.

By the way, Rob is an officer in training...

Later, not being able to sleep, I went to document the hooligans that had reported me as looking in their widow, that I thought stalker-junior was most likely referring to, but suspiciously, who's identities he wouldn't reveal, though revealing the other witnesses identity. Stalker-junior had looked in the direction of foul-mouthed noise makers who party all night, and video taped them cussing loudly early in the morning and getting drunk as proof that they would be the only ones up late, who would bother to make such a report (most people have their blinds closed in stalker-junior's area, and those that don't around me, don't care about me sitting nearby, so I thought it must be these hooligans just spreading a false tale. I tried to video the building number they were in. I didn't have security's number, but called them after I did so, but they wouldn't come because I said I didn't know if it was still going on. So I went back to do their job (which I later found out from managment the next day wasn't but that they were just courtesy security - and what the Hell is that, and why does such a huge apartment complex only have courtesy security?) The hooligans departed and stopped cussing, so much for that, but oddly I smelled a gas leak near their apartment, so called the police about it and he confirmed there was one. He was one of the much more friendly officer's I'd met before, who had rebuked a horrid-mind-playing drunk I'd once lived door who stalked me at times, which Daniel can verify.

The next day I stayed up waiting to talk to Kelly and Miss Rob's Wife. I opened the door to find Rob had returned a new book I had let him borrow (It was Daniel's), lying at my doorstep. I picked it up and saw it had been damaged and food stain left on it. Thanks Rob, nice to see you repented of being an evil liar.

Later I found Kelly, walking with Miss Rob's Wife, who for the first time were walking together and went opposite of the direction my apartment to walk their dogs. I've never seen Kelly walk her dog in the morning before, only Miss Rob's Wife. Apparently a deal was struck to protect them from me with themselves and their tiny dogs which William hates. Neat. I asked if I could talk to them, and Kelly replied, "I'm sorry, I got in big trouble, I'm not allowed to talk to you." I replied, "Why did you have to lie?" And she repeated the latter of her previous statement. I replied, "You got me in trouble." I thought she was going to call William, and said, "You don't have to call anyone, and walked away like they did."

Later, at about 8:40 A.M., I went to get first strike with the apartment managers, but found from the looks on their faces, I had been beaten to it. They listened to me in private, and the assistant manager wanted me to leave out a ton of the details that I documented here, though I insisted it was important as it provided the context that explained the nutty behavior of the tentants complaining about me. Despite that, she insulted my intelligence with, "Well maybe he (William) was just telling you where your door was because he thought you couldn't find it." She repeated this once more, and she was serious as far as I could tell, and yes, I told her about William's threat of force. This woman apparently doesn't care about context or is insane herself.

She also brought up how I shouldn't force my religion on anyone (huh? and she's giving me this preaching lesson because?) and said that if I had given her kid a piggy back ride, "You would be a dead boy." Now who's trying to force who's morality on who with a threat like that?

Really outrageous to me also was when the assistant manager also included a little talk about how I was stealing, so she implied by using unsecured Wi-fi from neighbors, and that stalker-junior was right when he told me that I should use my own internet connection. She said it like this, "We don't provide Wi-fi (duh, why is she telling) and you're using a neighbor's Wi-fi, right? And someone else is paying for that connection right, and it's not their fault if they don't secure it is it?" She didn't finish her point as it was obvious, and perhaps she knew she was assuming that it was accidentally unpassworded. I told her that Rob, the officer in training used unsecured Wi-fi. I don't remember he reply, but it shut her up on that topic. Rob said he used to have his own Wi-fi connection under RSTOCK and that he couldn't understand why it was still listed being that he cancelled his service. I told him not to use his last name. It was odd he did since he is paranoid about calling radio stations, fearing his name could be made public if he were to call them to voice his opinion about something.

The assistant manager also asked why I didn't walk Savannah back and knock on her parents door to return her (if I were so concerned for her) and I said it was because I didn't want her parents resenting me. It was actually because I suspected she lived close by, so that I didn't need to walk her back, and felt resentment at being made a baby-sitter to a litle girl from a church where the food-volunteers there denied me food that they had plenty of, and that one of them had mocked me twice on two different occasions when I went there for food, and how I was being made to babysit without pay, while being treated like I'm a lazy bum my supposed Christians like my neighbor Know-it-all Kyle and his paranoidish wife Kristy.

I told Daniel what happened with stalker junior yesterday being that I thought he had just walked off, but Daniel told me he had seen what happened from a distance, but didn't say anything because he was afraid and he was with another friend who didn't want him to get involved either.

Daniel also gave a little of his story about what happened that day, but messed up a little, and was nervous, as he was afraid of getting involved and ruining his reputation. The assistant manager looked very worried when he left, I felt bad for her. I bet she is afraid of losing her job. I would be too if I were her.

Side note, blonde dad told me when he first met me, "Religion has nothing to do with it." just like William said and the property manager also wanted me to obey her personal rules with regard to playing with children and talking to them if I didn't have their parents' permission, despite it being my religion to be kind and friendly. Clearly, this does have to do with religion, because I am religious, and the paranoid fear-monger harassers have their own, and it opposes mine on many points, to their digust. And for you true Christians out their, who are so immature as to agree with Kyle's stereotypes and "be a carbon copy of me" advice, did you notice any Biblical advice in his rant?

If you don't believe that most if not all of Albuquerque's police force is corrupt and that Albuquerque itself is a very warped place, then check out this page they linked to to help people of domestic violence:


Notice anything? Scroll all the way down and look to the left. First link: it leads to an amazon page, and if you click it, a cookie will attempt to download onto your computer so that aardvarc.org can make some money off you should you buy that book or something else through amazon.

Second link? The domestic violence link, click it, and it leads to a blank page.

Third link? Who cares. Fourth? Whatever. But the fifth link, domestic animal violence works, you have to get passed the blank page first though.



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